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Tag: Dating

Lois Lane S Ramos

This girl runs a scam operation with her boyfriend, Ryan Guarin, and her best friend, Jen Manalasl. She does everything she can to get close to you and then sucks you dry of every penny you have. I met her on Facebook. She told...

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Derek Ozil Armstrong

I was conned out $70,000 of my own money by a man that goes by the name, Derek Ozil Armstrong. He made up every sob story in the book to get me to feel sorry for him and like him like his wife died from cancer, his son was...

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Frederick Hilary

I met a man by the name of Frederick Hilary and had an awful experience. I want to warn other women about him so they do not go through the same thing. He comes off as a sweet gentleman with good intentions, but he is far from...

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Liam Shinjin

Liam Shinjin could be on multiple dating apps, but he is out to get your money, not your love. I had a short relationship with him before he told me that he got attacked by gangsters in Nigeria, lost everything he had, and...

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Jerry Alexander Huzar

This guy has bad intentions. He has photos of me and threatens me with them, by demanding money and gift cards. So far he has blackmailed me out of $1,500. Now he is asking me for $500 more to come and see me. I know I am not...

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Van Arthur Yeboah

I met (what I thought was a woman) on Facebook and we started talking right away through Whatsapp. We seemed to have great connection. She said she was from England, so I could not meet her in person because I was in the U.S....

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She goes by Missbronwyn26, but I do not know what her real name is. I met her on Facebook, but after she messages me and gave me her email to communicate with instead, she deleted her Facebook. An email was a little old school...

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Michael Richardson Ivar

I recognized this guy that went by the name, Michale Richardson Ivar. I called him out because I found him on a scammer site. I have seen him using several false identities, most of them were Nigerian. I am not sure what exactly...

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