Tag: Car Dealers

Anothony M Gleason

I bought a Mercedes S600 on eBay from a private party. The guy went by the name of Anthony Gleason. We talked about the deal over several days to ensure that I was getting my monies worth and I was going to have the car in my...

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Krystina Zita

I answered to an ad on Craigslist listed by Krystina Zita. She was selling a semi junker for $1,000, it was all I needed. I text the number she listed, (501) 367-6753 for more info. She text me back from a different number at...

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Carol Horton

If you see a listing for a car by a woman named Carol Horton, do not buy into it. I text her about a car that she was selling on Craigslist, but she told me that I would need eBay gift cards. It did not make sense. I contacted a...

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Geoff Eldrige/ Geoff Hull

I made the mistake of trusting Geoff Eldridge with Veer Lease. I had a luxury car lease that I was looking to get out of he had a promising business offer. He made a deal to rent out my car until he found a credit qualified...

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