After watching a few of the Energized Health Webinars , I was quite Skeptical of All of the Claims ? 53,000 + clients ? John claims to have been Asked to Speak to the UN ? Maybe as part of Ryan Long’s “City Summit event” at the UN & john seems to have been part of that organization ? & maybe they spoke in one of the Adjacent UN Buildings ? However he did Not address the UN as he would like people to believe. Then John proudly displays pictures of himself with Steve Forbes at the UN ? Why not Simply show pictures of John Actually Speaking to the UN as they claim ? It really made me wonder ?

So, I decided to reach out to Dave Ramsey, WHO IS REAL & is Trustworthy & A Real Man of God , who is mentioned as being instrumental in the Foundation of John Jubilee’s company & I asked Dave’s STAFF at ( If they would stand behind John’s Claim as made in his Webinars ?

Here is the Reply I received:

Thanks for contacting us! I sent your email to Dave for you.

This comes directly from Dave, “You can tell him to stay away from John…he is dishonest ”

I hope that this helps! Please feel free to contact me if you have additional questions!

It is a pleasure to serve you.

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I imagine, Anyone else who Actually Bothers to LOOK CLOSER at Johns claims will find the Same thing ? & if you will lie about this ? What else isn’t true ?

John Jubilee says he Loves skeptics, I Encourage Everyone to be a skeptic !!! email Dave Ramsey & ask for yourself, & then You be the Judge, & You Decide.