I came across Ann Handley in a search a search for a self-help book. I needed a mentor in business and marketing. I was hoping to boost my own business’s strengths.
There were all kinds of hype surrounding her as an author and her training program. I eagerly signed up.
The book was a disappointment right off the bat. It is unorganized and hard to read. She uses unrealistic scenarios that are hard to follow. They hardly relate to the real world we face now.
I think part of that problem is that she is a little too old to be writing about marketing today.
I had hope for the training, at least, but that leat me down too. The training that is offered online is basically a recap of her book. You have to purchase even more to get her “special secret” to marketing.
Let me spoil it for you. There is no secret.
She is just a terrible author trying to make money somewhere.