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Christopher Whelan of Whelan Property Group

Avoid Christopher Whelan of Whelan Property Group at all costs. They misrepresent properties, have been known to commit and act in a fraudulent manner.  They are not professional. He is not professional. No one from Whelan...

Robert Lee Curry

Robert Lee Curry, goes by Lee Curry, says he’s an expert ninja… expert in martial arts. lol. Ok, all he does is talk crap about other people and thinks he’s the sh1t. He’s not even a good web designer as...

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Beware of the hidden fees and costs at Goldco… these things are not disclosed and you will lose out on a lot of money on your investment. I only found about the fraudulent fees and charges because I could not get someone...

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Delamere Rehab

Delamere Rehab only wants your hard-earned money. They do not care about your well-being. They prey on the vulnerable and lock you into legal contracts just to get the medical help you need for your well-being. Or your loved...

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