If you need chiropractic care, do not go to The Joint Chiropractic in Sugar House. Seriously. The pain they will cause you by hiring unprofessional and not certified techs is not worth it. I received treatment here multiple times, I know, jokes on me?! Right? Why did I do that? Well, I was convinced that it was just from the pain and soreness was from the first few sessions and they assured me it was my body getting used to the treatment… LIES. LIESSSSSS. I was in so much pain I went to urgent care and they said that the pain was from what The Joint Chiropractic was doing to my body. They are like the McDonalds or Walmart of chiro care. Do yourself a favor. Call your doctor or get a real referral and avoid the clowns at The Joint Chiropractic. Your body will love you more for it.