I wanted to buy my bf a nice gift, he needed a watch and I came across a Facebook post for this company: Swiss Wrist. They say they sell used Rolex watches… They say they are the “staple of the online luxury watch business” when in fact, they are a fraudulent and counterfeit luxury watch company. I purchased a “used authentic Rolex watch” from them. and when it arrived the watch was not what we expected. It was made of cheap material and like, plexi-glasss or something. Not even real glass… you could tell it was plastic on the watch face. This was such a disappointment.

My favorite part of this company is that they sell and advertise for used Rolex watches but have a disclaimer that they “Swiss Wrist is not affiliated with Rolex USA or Rolex SA Switzerland. Swiss Wrist only deals in pre-owned and unworn Rolex watches not brand new Rolex watches which are only sold by authorized Rolex dealers.” Also, meaning, they shouldn’t be doing what they are doing. I should have known by this disclaimer on their website that this place was bogus.