Save yourself the trouble and DO NOT use Right Choice Pools and Spas, Inc. It was the worst experience I have ever had.
At the start of the process, they would always cancel their appointments for inspection. The man in charge of our project always said that it would be through Facetime.

When we officially started the contract, it took them four whole months to dig a hole 1 foot deep. They read the plan wrong, on top of that. It was supposed to be one foot above the ground. Because of this, they had to fabricate the ground level with steel.

These guys were not the smartest, but we were already in a contract that we could not break. As the pool project went on, however, things got worse. They poured the granite in before doing the plumbing. It set us back another month because they had to jackhammer it away in order to do the plumbing.

By the time that we finally got the water in the pool, we realized that The sides of the pool were way too high. When you got in, you were looking at a wall. It had already taken nearly a year to get the pool done, so I did not even want to bother trying to fix it. They would make it worse anyway.

The workers were rude and clearly did not listen to us. Their service is way too expensive for the quality of work that they provided. We could not rely on the manager to even come by and take charge.