The purpose of is to cover up the tracks of other illegal businesses. I discovered this when I lost money through another company. A whole $3,000. I was furious and I could not get ahold o anyone on their website because they did not have a contact number or email. What I did find, was that they were in association with

When I attempted to contact them, all I got a was a speech from a gentleman who was trying to sell me their protection.
He talked about how he could help me hide my company information, keep profits safe, and make my identity unknown to customers. It sounded fishy honestly.

I told him that I was looking for a company in association with them, he told me he could not reveal that information to me. I explained that they had stolen $3,000 from me and I cannot get ahold of anyone that worked there.
All he did was apologize and say that It was his job to hold withhold that information. I did not trust him at all. Check out their site, it is just as sketchy.