Want to get your invention patented? Don’t use Patent Services USA! First of all, their website has not been updated since 2012, the images are all stock, they have places fake reviews all over the internet and on their website, and you can tell it was written for SEO and not a real business…

Secondly, this company traps you into their services with their false promises and “investment” opportunities. They convince you to put money down before you receive their guide to patents.

Thirdly, after you make your deposit and investment — this company completely disappears. No responses back from them via email. They don’t respond to their phone or returns phone calls.

Getting a refund back from these people is a nightmare. They say money back and service guarantee but this is a lie and they have legal verbiage in their terms and conditions that they will not. It states that customer can request one but good luck trying to request your money back from a comapny that will not respond to you. This is how they keep your money! Don’t think this won’t happen to you, because it will.