I was once a contractor for OPES Financial Solutions, along with a close friend who has been scammed, tricked, cheated, lied to by this company and Rake Murray the CEO of this b.s. company.

First of all, they preach and say they have this unique business strategy that really is a run-around for new signups. It’s a web of nonsense, lies, and faulty strategies to confuse clients and future customers. They are basically a financial pyramid scheme.

Secondly, Rake Murray SWORE THAT if I put $250 into a project that I was skeptical of to prove that his business plan works after I confronted him. I WAS SO DUMB to do this. He is a charming tactical business scammer who said that now that I put this money in that I needed to put more in due to a company policy once joining and investing that money… so I believed him. One I called him out on this b.s. he told me I will never become a financial business professional and that is when I had enough. I asked for my money back… that never happened.