I had a big job that I was looking for a good contractor to take on: floors, tile, kitchen, bath, and basically the entire makeup of our home.
New York Kitchen and Bath was my go to for a jo on such a large scale.
I was under the impression that they were one of the best contractors to go to, but I was really wrong.

The people at their main location are really unprofessional and misleading. I had a hard time getting help as it was when I went in, the rest is a horror story from there.
I had a hard time getting someone to help me first of all. We started with the flooring. A gentleman spoke to me about three different options. He priced me with several different quotes. He kept saying that it depended on the square footage. All I could think was, obviously. I made a selection anyways and told them that my husband would be in to see what I wanted. I wrote down the number that he gave me for the cost.

When my husband went in, he gave my husband a completely different number that was a lot lower. The actual price. The guy was just trying to overcharge me because I was a woman.

I called him out on it, and we went with a different company. They are just out to get your money.