It starts with the webinar, then once they have your information, you get contacted by a salesman that really ropes you in. I have to say they are excellent salesmen, they even convinced me to sign up, but they are really just conmen. They say that you can make a ridiculous amount of money because they are personally going to generate it for you. It took me a down payment of about $1,000, however. Of course, this is exactly what I wanted to avoid, but Dillon Dabbs made it sound so promising.

As time went by, I was charged more fees and saw less money to my name and more in theirs. They cannot do anything for you and your business.

I have $20,000! That is a lot of money I could have invested it so much better. It kills me that a scam of an operation took it so easily. The man who owns this operation, Hezi Torati, is the same owner of the business previously known as NSS FInancial. He got shut down because he could not pay out his dues and he is in the same situation again. You are not going to get your funding and it will significantly