This guy makes it seem like he can do it all. He offers “free” coaching seminars, but they are far from free. The seminars he holds are just to sell his real teaching experience. I own my own consulting business and I figured I would give it a shot. It never hurts to learn something new. I was hoping for new strategies to bring in new clients of my own. The free seminar was a big sales pitch. He really talked up his coaching because the prices of the packages were horrendous. $2,000 is more than I even charge some of my clients.
When I attended the paid coaching. I was really disappointed on the first day, but still hopeful that things were just warming up. By the second and third day, I had not learned anything new and I realized that I was not going to. I got scammed. Learn from my mistake and do not invest your time and money into Karl Bryan. He is a thief. A snooty nosed businessman making money off of his confidence.