this irvine, ca dentist named david son, is the worst. he is a fraud. his website is completely fake. you can tell it was made by indians. i am not even sure he has his dental license or whatever it is called. they charge an insane amount of money for a consult. he is an extortionist. he took my money. i want it back and he won’t give me a refund. i went to him for a removal and since i already paid for the consult i continued to do business with him. tooth was removed. tooth became infected. i returned to see him because of said issue and not only did he charge me for the removal, he charged me for dealing with me because it was infected. there was no courtesy follow up for something he did to me. i followed all the instructions but my primary doctor said he probably used soiled tools. i looked online and guess what i am not the only person who has complained like this. stay away from him and his dental office.