The contractors don’t listen and they have no respect for your decisions. It was my house, I paid the money for it, and I should have had it the way that I wanted. Nothing turned out the way that I had planned with the contractor. He went around everything I said and did what was easiest. He did not communicate with me at all. I specifically told him that when any of the materials arrived, such as floor tiles, carpeting, appliances, paint, and countertops. Especially countertops. He did no such thing. I went to the house one day to see how things were coming along and the countertops were already done! I was furious because the slab was cracked. I demanded that it be redone. They had also laid the tile without notifying me and it was the wrong tiles. I told im that this was exactly why I wanted to see everything before officially laid out.
His disrespect for me delayed the finishing of my house and made it a horrific process. Do not work with these people if you want your dream home.