I was in search of a career change when I came across an opening in the marketing department at Coaster Group. I applied since I had a great deal of experience in marketing. I went through their interview process, and I was told to wait two weeks before I was to hear back from them.
I did not hear from them, and I thought that my interview had gone extremely well, so I called them. The receptionist said that my resume had been misplaced but they wanted me to undergo the interview process again.
When under went the process again, but this time the manager interviewing me told me he would pay a lower salary. I was a little confused and I asked about the position, he told me that I would not get a raise until I was there for 3 months.
I accepted the job, because it was the only offer I had on the table at the time and I needed a job right away. 3 months went by, and I have still not received a raise.

I have inquired about it multiple times, but they said that they were waiting on a deal. The job that I was currently doing was making me miserable, and it seemed like they had someone new to interview every week and someone was leaving. I decided to quit. It was the most unstable job that I had ever had.