We all know lawyers are out to take your money and profit from your misery but these characters at Cordell & Cordell take the top prize for being p.o.s. attorneys. You receive a bill from them if you fart wrong. You receive a bill from them for sharpening their pencils. They nickel and dime you to death. Not only do they try and destroy your finances this way but they are not even good attorneys. They “helped” me with my divorce, and I am not even sure if they even helped me, cus I could have represented myself and done a better job. I am very unhappy with the way they represented me and my son, on top of how they tried to take every penny we owed while they played the compassionate attorney card. They are full of it. Every single attorney and paralegal and even the receptionist should win an award for their dramatics and acting… no one at any of their firm locations gives a rat a$$ about you or your family. They just want your money. Avoid these shady attorneys as fast as you can.