We talked about fakers and how to avoid them in another post, and even on our blog (https://capitalcorpmerchantbankingorlando.wordpress.com/2012/05/22/the-fakers-part-ii-of-our-complaints-series/). But sometimes people still get caught up by bad actors. What happens?

In the case of another post on this website that targets Capital Corp Merchant Banking, an anonymous person accused Capital Corp of being a bank that fraudulently charged them fees and then gave their name to other lenders without their consent – which Capital Corp would never do as it flies in the face of the integrity of our company and the solid reputation we have built over decades for being a fair and trusted player.

This is an unfortunately classic case of someone who didn’t do their homework and check into the lender they were talking to. It seems like this person was scammed by a bad actor pretending to be Capital Corp Merchant Banking – which is strangely not the first time we have heard of things like this going on. But a simple Google search, address search and telephone call would have probably gone a long way to revealing this pretender as exactly that – a fake. Visiting a company’s place of business is another of performing a vital due diligence when talking to lenders to make sure they are who they say they are.

In the case of this anonymous person who posted about Capital Corp being a bad actor, the way they described Capital Corp Merchant Banking didn’t even match with the way we conduct our business, especially as we have been an award-wining and highly-regarded middle-market international merchant banking group for nearly 40 years. This is how we know that this anonymous person unfortunately was deceived.

We have attached an image of the anonymous post because we believe in full disclosure at all times and we wish to warn other people who already work with or are about to work with private lending institutions that bad actors – scammers and fraudsters – are present and cause real damage. The need to conduct one’s own due diligence is that much more important when we are talking about people’s hard-earned money.

As always, please make sure that you make an informed decision in all cases,


Capital Corp Merchant Banking