This is my second review about Bluegreen Getaways
After making a reservation with a Choice Hotel, I was asked to stay on hold for a special vacation offer. We have been returning guests for years, so I was excited that they were offering us something.
I was connected with an individual who started telling me about a vacation offer for three nights at one of their 17 luxury hotels for $149. All I had to do to qualify was attend a 2-hour presentation regarding their new hotel chain.
In addition to that, following the presentation, they would give me a Master Card for $150 as a gift. Throughout the discussion, I was unaware that I was speaking to someone other than a Choice Hotels representative.
The representative told me that the sole reason for the presentation was to advertise their new chain.
I asked if they were selling anything upfront because they had pulled a stunt like this before and ended up trying to sell condos. Her answer was that it was nothing like that. Again, she asserted that it was just a presentation to tell people about the new upscale hotels managed by Choice Hotels.
I said to sign us up, after all, we had already spent thousands of dollars on them, why not get something in return. However, when I received the letter for the presentation, discovered that it was, in fact, a timeshare event, and it was not by Choice Hotels. It was, in fact, a Bluegreen Getaways gig. I immediately sent a mail back to the company telling them to cancel the offer and refund my money.
This was a deceitful way to try to gain traction with customers. I would never spend money with a company like this.
Take notice!