I met Angel Morera of Pinnacle Medical Resources in light of pursuing management of a home care facility. He sold me the facility and helped me set everything up. He told me what I was going to need, including a full-time assistant just to handle the phone calls of all my clients because it was a busy facility. He promised that there would be a person to do the field work for me and take care of the assessments of our clients. For every client assessment, they would charge $125. He said that assessments did not take long, so the business was very profitable.
Angel Morera also claimed that workman’s comp insurance from him was worth $1500. This meant that employees would receive payment of $36 per hour for sending Home Health Aide and $52 per hour for flashed paperwork with those numbers.
The figures were enticing. I signed up, but when the actual contract came my rate was listed at only $16 per hour.
When I approached him about it he refused to pay any attention to it. It seemed he had lied to get me to work for him.
I lost $3000 to them upon investment. Pinnacle Medical Resource is a rip-off. Do not believe their sales reps.