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Jorge Carrizosa Do Not Buy From Him!

Jorge Carrizosa. Remember this name. He is a liar and a thief. If you come across one of his online shops, close the browser and stop shopping. He will take your money and not send you your order. EVER. He is a scam artist and...

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Scott Markus from NetworkISA

Meet Scott Markus from NetworkISA! He is not to be trusted. He is a creeper. He is also a massive stalker. If you are considering hiring Scott Markus, don’t. He is not worth the stress. He can’t even do what...

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John Zamar Con Artist

John Zamar is known for being a massive con artist and thief! He thinks he can get away with it. He will ignore you once you call him out on it too! This is the fact that many people have been enlightened to regarding him. If...

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